Friday, October 22, 2010

Some Fun and Some Not So Fun

It started out O.K. as weeks go.  Monday I got my hair colored and hung out with 2, two year olds and that was fun.  Monday evening we went to watch my oldest grandson play football and that was fun.  They lost.  That wasn't fun!

Tuesday I got to play most of the day with my granddaughter who doesn't live here and that was fun.  Went and did a little shopping with her mommy and that was fun.  That evening Lauren Beth took pictures of Gary and I.  That was fun.  McKinlee  went with us and after a long day she was a bit out of sorts and demanded attention by stripping down to her diaper in 10 seconds while crying and screaming, "Shoes Off!"  Not fun for her but funny for us.
Yeah, we are those people that laugh at our little ones when they are in distress and act totally irrational.   This was also a not fun evening for my daughter Crystal.  Someone broke into her car and stole her purse while she was at her dad's house.

Wednesday I worked.  Not fun.  Got a hot pink hair extension for breast cancer research.  That was way fun.  Took 4 grandkids to supper and that was fun.  We were celebrating birthdays and so we went for ice cream afterward.  Annalee got her face smashed by the door.  Not fun!  Ice cream makes it better though when you are 4 years old.

Thursday a red truck pulled out in front of me on my way to work.  No, I was not on my cell phone.  I slammed the brakes on with such force that my toes hurt afterward.  Now when faced with impending impact a million thoughts speed through your mind and everything else seems to be in slow motion.  A few of my thoughts were, "Are you kidding me?  You are seriously pulling out in front of me?  There is no way I'm going to miss them.  How do I cause the least amount of damage to my car?  Turn the wheel!!!!! "  I missed them by inches and they sped on their merry way as I sat sideways in the right lane shaking uncontrollably thanking God that no one was in the lane next to me and that I was safe.  Not fun!   Lunch and supper (that is dinner to those of you who aren't from the south) with some friends and that was fun.

Friday is today and the washer broke.  Wringing out wet jeans is not fun!  Being told that the warranty has run out, also not fun.  Learning that they can't come fix it for 8 days, not fun.  Cleaning house falls in the not fun category.  Taking a break and writing on my blog, that is fun!

Wait, isn't this suppose to have something to do with courage?  I'm thinking it was more of a week requiring self control.  I didn't say what I was thinking to the rude parents at the football game.  I didn't yell at the grandsons for slamming their sister in the door.  I didn't chase down the driver of the red truck who made me cry.  I didn't even let a foul word slip from my lips as my car was skidding  sideways down the street.  I continued to smile and talk calmly to my confused bloody patient who pulled his central line out and was swinging and yelling at me.  Yes, I would say it was more about self control.

Well that's the week so far and now it's time to scrub the tub and toilets!  NOT FUN!!!!!

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